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What is a "Quiet Hire?"

According to the Thoughtlab (R) article, Quiet Hiring is Here; Get Ready For It:

"Quiet hiring is a way for companies to hire skilled workers without the expense of hiring full-time employees...External quiet hiring is when HR brings in part-time or contract workers to fill positions that will keep the company running without incurring the expense of onboarding and training new full-time employees."

If you're organization is struggling to meet its business goals, and your in-house talent has been reassigned to leverage their highest abilities and interests, it might be time to find affordable and skilled assistance in the form of a Virtual Assistant to meet your remaining business needs. 

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn how AskAscend can support your organization.

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Forget "Quiet Quitting." Quiet Hiring is Predicted to be the Prevailing 2023 Workplace Trend
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